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20 MAY 2022


‘Safe Way To Fall’ is a collaboration from Arjuna Oakes and renowned composer John Psathas. The song is an exploration of what it means to be vulnerable and yearning to create a space where yourself and others can express themselves truthfully. Featuring a heartfelt vocal performance, lush piano and strings, and a hypnotic soundscape, the song expresses a sentiment that to be vulnerable is to be strong.

'Safe Way To Fall' was written in a secluded Bach among the sand dunes of Waitarere one morning while Arjuna and John were sharing musical ideas at the piano. By the end of the day, they had finished writing and recording the song, giving it an 'in the moment' feel. This song is the first of many for Arjuna and John, who are already working on other projects.

RECOVERY  PT. 2 04 FEB 2022


‘Recovery Pt. 2 is the highly anticipated follow up to Arjuna Oake’s 2020 EP Recovery Pt. 1. Recorded at the same sessions as Recovery Pt. 1 back in February of 2020, Recovery Pt. 2 continues delving into the same themes such as climate change, identity and the journey of healing, which are all themes that seem more timely today than when these songs were recorded. Largely performed live in the studio by Arjuna and his band of talented young musicians, these songs are exploding with an intense youthful energy and feature a unique mix of creative songwriting and explorative improvisation.


Recovery Pt. 2 provides an exciting climax to the themes and musical ideas introduced in ‘Recovery Pt. 1, and solidifies both records as an important piece in Arjuna’s discography.

Arjuna Oakes & Serebii - Even When You're Gone (Live Session)

Arjuna Oakes & Serebii - Even When You're Gone (Live Session)






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